To Sail the Southern Seas: Introduction

This is a running narrative of our Pathfinder campaign, entitled “To Sail the Southern Seas”. This is a custom campaign written by me, using the Pathfinder rules. Our group meets every two weeks or so and usually plays for about 5 to 6 hours. As a result posts will come out about a week after a session and will likely often have a similar length. I run the session from an outline I have prepared in advance and during play I make additional notes as events unfold. After the session I go over these notes and turn them into the story you read here.

This means that what you read is a collaboration between myself and several other people. I design the plot and enforce the rules, but the players often guide where the plot goes. They decide how the heroes deal with (or avoid) the challenges they encounter. Finally, the chaos is turned into what is hopefully an interesting narrative. I have played in and GMed campaigns with some members of my current gaming group for about 6 years, and have played with all of them for at least 2 years. People may join, take a year off, rejoin, or never stop, but I’m familiar with their play styles by now. For some time now I have thought that our campaigns would be nice stories, particularly as I like to write. I am not taking this chance to do just that.

This campaign will have a cast of a maximum of eight players, a bit larger than a standard party. However, it is not often that everyone can make it to an adventure, as we all have busy lives. This will be written into the plot as characters take a back seat or are left behind for an adventure. I expect the group to average between 5 and 7 players. The characters will start at level three this campaign. We will be playing in a world we have used before; however the players have only explored one part of a number of this world. The setting for this current campaign is new to the party; however some nations and organizations are familiar to them.

As a result, there will be points in the narrative where I will want to give you additional information. This may be information on the world the party is aware of, GMing information, or information from outside the game that affects the story. If a character stays behind while the rest adventure, I might mention that player could not be there, or left early. I might explain my plan for a part as a GM, if it is of interest given the way the players decided to act. You never know when what happens is far from what the GM even expects. When I do this, I’ll do so in a box like this.

Apart from that, I plan to treat the main narrative as a story. My hope is that it will be an entertaining fantasy narrative, and if I know the group, it will have its share of amusing moments. I look forward to sharing this campaign with anyone interested. So enjoy.

Finally, I need to give credit to Shamus Young, whose similar blogging of a campaign in part inspired this effort. Check him out his blog at

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