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Three years ago…

Three years before our tale…   Nerova clutched the rail tightly, his tense frame barely leaning on the rail despite that grip. He muttered a curse under his breath, and glanced over his shoulder to his first mate. The man, a hearty northerner known as Geld, nodded. Everything was still in place, ready. Yet, Nerova, […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Session 5

         Each year as the holiday’s approach in December I try to give an adventure an appropriate feel. This past December, I did so once again, resulting in this session of “To Sail the Southern Seas”. I have a careful approach to these adventures which boils down to being subtle. This adventure […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Session 4

Here we have the fourth chapter of this continuing story. With the Astrologer’s Albatross repaired and given a mandate to hunt the rogue Captain, Jalastar of Erryeth, the heroes embark on the next step in their journey. This is also an example of players reacting to a story in ways I did not foresee. As […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Session 3

Here we have the third installment of this tale of the Heroes who sail the Southern Seas. Picking up from where session 2 left off, the Astrologer’s Albatross returns to port, and faces the results of their failure to arrest the crew of The Soul of Erryeth. The players really helped drive this adventure, so […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Session 2

The adventure continues, with the second installment of the story of the heroes aboard the Astrologer’s Albatross! As always, I want to thank the group for their part in creating this story. The tale picks up where session 1 left off, with the ship under attack. This was played about a week after the first […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Session 1

The adventure begins! If you have not already, check out the introduction to “To Sail the Southern Seas” for more information on how exactly I develop this story. I want to thank the group for their part in creating this story. I hope you enjoy this first installment of our tale. The sun shone high over the […]

The Heroes of Our Tale

Before I begin to recount the tale of my gaming group’s latest adventure, I think it is worth getting to know our eclectic cast of characters. These characters are the players creations, and how they contribute to the story we are creating. Honestly, as much as a GM does, without strong interesting characters like this, […]