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The Setting

A year ago, our gaming group found ourselves finished with the world and story we had been playing in for three years. We decided we were ready for something new. We had already decided to leave D&D 4th edition behind in favour of Pathfinder, so a new world seemed fitting. I discussed some ideas with […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Prologue

On the night of a full moon, the seas glisten with a pale silvery light that catches on the crests of the waves. They seem to carry the moon’s reflection with them as they roll across calm waters. Some such liquid undulations now slid across the bay that served as the Company’s harbour on the […]

To Sail the Southern Seas: Introduction

This is a running narrative of our Pathfinder campaign, entitled “To Sail the Southern Seas”. This is a custom campaign written by me, using the Pathfinder rules. Our group meets every two weeks or so and usually plays for about 5 to 6 hours. As a result posts will come out about a week after […]